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Octopus Design On Speaker

Music Octopus Pieladium Speaker
Music Octopus Pieladium Speaker by EdelhertDesignStudio
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When you happen to be familiar
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and especially when you have had
a look at the

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You might have noticed the Octopus,

Some time ago we posted some new designs
with this Octopus, like for example the
Speaker that you can see here above.

(BTW notice the EDS-logo on
the Base Drum)

You can also discover this design on
Headphones like you can see here below:

Music Octopus DJ Headphones
Music Octopus DJ Headphones by EdelhertDesignStudio
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Music Connections

Although I don't write many posts on this blog,
I do have a strong connection with Music;
I even worked full-time in the Music Business
for a while.

Music Octopus Bumpster Speaker
Music Octopus Bumpster Speaker by EdelhertDesignStudio
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Music Connections
& Music Memories:

It's wonderful how Music connects people,
Musicians understand each other and form unexpected

Because of the recent death of Prince there's
more of his music on the radio. (Also several other
big artists from that time passed away recently.)
It brings back a lot of memories from my youth
and also of my time in the Music Business,
many years ago.

On one occasion at my Tennis Club there where several
artists performing. At one funny moment a singer dropped her
long hair over the head of a bold man from another band,
so it looked as if the man had long hair.

Tennis Tournament:

I also remember that we had a Tennis Tournament
with collegues and Artists. Among the artists
was the singer who sang at my tennisclub. We played
in the same poule. Everybody had a lot of fun
and we had many laughter attacks.

Tennis Octopus Men's Apparel T-shirt
Tennis Octopus Men's Apparel T-shirt by EdelhertDesignStudio
Create your own custom made shirt.
Tennis Octopus Womens Apparel T-shirt
Tennis Octopus Womens Apparel T-shirt by EdelhertDesignStudio
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Octopus DJ Headphones

Now recently, on Kingsday, at our town square
there was a performance of the same singer from that time.
A great chance to see and hear her again, so I went there.
She asked someone from the audience on stage to sing and dance along.
To my surprise she choose me.
After such a long time (more than 15 years ago) she
didn't recognize me but the relaxed
and fun vibe was still there!

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Russell Simmons 12 Laws

I frequently see people wearing Sweatshirts from 'Russell Athletics'
without them knowing anything about who Russell Simmons is.

Since I have worked in the Music Business myself for me
a whole bunch of associations pop into my mind like
for example 'Def Jam Recordings' and a lot
of Music Artists that have been Inspired by Russell Simmons.

In the VIDEO here below you can see a Interview
with Russell Simmons.


Pffff, new blog post comming soon.

There will be a new blog post soon,
only I am still in the process of
writing it, and now I first like
to take a short break.


A Great Start!

Happy New Year!

The last several months have been
pretty busy, with creating lot's of
special designs for the Christmas Holliday
in our online store,
with Christmas - and Special


Holliday Greetings, Gift Cards
& Gift Ideas.

'Hi & Holliday Greetings,
Great to have you
On this Blog,'
This is the Time! I can remember
the times as a kid that I became
all excited, anticipating, wondering about


Lyrics websites and Talent,
you can't let UNWRITTEN!

In some of my previous posts I wrote about "Finding" things
on the Internet, and also about Finding Music Lyrics. So
as a service to my visitors I searched for some interesting
Lyrics sites where you can find Music Lyrics.
To name a few:



'And Last but not least...,'


Some Info
About Writing Lyrics Yourself

You might want discover Lyric Writing yourself,


Recommendations for Christmas.

Besides the Music you can read blogposts about
on this blog, and the obvious Christmas Music
that you can discover when you
do a search with the Search Box,
in the left Side Bar....,


The Rolling Stones do have
some great Floor Fillers

Although I am not particularly
a typical Rolling Stones fan myself
I have been to a concert once. The record company
I worked for had free tickets for me,
and although the Stones
where working with a different record company,

At that time when they came to Europe for concerts,
we did a 'Back Catelogue Campaign'
selling old titles the record company
still owned the rights to.

Although I might not be the biggest

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