Birds Music Composition

Some years ago I experimented with
Mixing Music and Composing
some 'Movie-like Music'

Since I do have somewhat of a fascination for Birds,
In it I also Mixed in some Bird-Sounds,
(just imagine them to be as Seagals)

At that time, for my Healthy Lifestyle Blog, I was also looking
for Music to accompany a Motivational/Inspirational (Beach) Jogging Video
Looking through some of my Compositions, this was one of the
first things that I could find was this somewhat weird sounding
Movie-like Background Music for my Video,

See and hear Video Here Below:

Birds Inspired Designs:

As I said before, I happen to have somewhat of a fascination for Birds,
and it has Inspired me to all kinds of Birds Designs

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An Easy Way to Play

In my younger years I occasionally played on the Piano and on my Keyboard,
without ever actually look into how the notes are arranged on the Keyboard,
or how actual Chords are played,

Just recently with the help of
the YouTube Videos from Instant Piano Genius
I begun to learn a little more about

How to actually play Chords as you can read about
in a previous Blog Post titled:

Providing Harmony Playing Chords

Just recently a friend of mine told me about an other interesting way to
Play the Piano or Keyboard as you can see in the Video Here below
from Peter Plutax. Playing a Song from Bruno Mars.

Also read an other
pervious blog post about:

Great Piano Improvisations Tips


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Expressing Musically & Visually

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As you might know we express ourselves visually
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I also occasionally attempt to express myself Musically
in our Little Music Group

One of our recent new members to our little music group
also did express himself Visually, and had drawn
a visual 'Story Board' that helped as a guide
for making a Music Composition.
It's also possible to have it in an other order
expressing the Music first
and than expressing it Visually
in a Special Music Video
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Bathroom Acoustics

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Today's post is about,
Some EDS Cartoon Style Designs,

You probably have noticed the great acoustics bathrooms
usually have, just imagine the 'Brush Is Your Microphone'
and it can easily give you the impression
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When browsing through some of the products we can
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I noticed some Bathroom related products that I
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Shower Curtain
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Bubbling Bunny Bathroom Poster Cust. Border Color Photo Print
Bubbling Bunny Bathroom Poster Cust. Border Color Photo Print
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Bubbling Bunny Bathroom Set Customizable
Bubbling Bunny Bathroom Set Customizable
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This Bubbling Bunny is a Cartoon Figure
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Using High Tech. I did breathe
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I Discovered An Interesting Blog Post
About 'Melody First'

Hello Music Enthousiast,
Thanks to have you on my blog again,

As I wrote in one of my previous blog posts
about Piano Improvisation

I have experimented with some melody sequences and
also actually did discover some pretty wild improvisations,

And did practice some of the principles that I wrote about earlier,
and although it does feel somewhat liberating that
the principles do give some guidance...,

Only although it feeling liberating feels good,
it also feels somewhat to much boundary-less, and

An actual song still feels somewhat further in to the future.
I did however find an interesting blog post
about how "Melody First" can give some boundaries
that can help to write lyrics.

In a blog post titled:

The Wonderful Limitations of your
Vocal Melody


I Did Find an Intersting Resource
about Song Forms

Thanks for reading my blog again today,

I still find it a challenge to actually
create the written notes into a
right Song Form and create an
actual song structure,

I did however find an interesting Forum that
You can now discover here in the left side bar of this blog.

and you can read more about

Song Forms an Overview
in the link here above.


Drumming - I Love Music -
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I Love Music


Great Piano Improvisation Tips

Hello Music Fan,

in a previous post I wrote about

Providing Harmony Playing Chords

Since that video I have been practicing occasionally
and starting to get a better feel for where the
chords are located on the keyboard.

When I play by ear, occasionally it does
seem like I am Easily Playing Along
Like the Wind or a Rippling Creek
as I wrote about some time ago before.

Like a Rippling Creek and
Like Walking:

To elaborate a little on such Improvisations,
with doing some research on the Internet, I read
about a nice Analogy for such an approach,

Like Walking, your walk as
having 4 Fundamental Areas:

1) HOME, (like the base, like the house you keep returning to)
2) your front doorstep
3) the Sidewalk
4) a more distant destination

Now on Youtube I did find an other interesting video
that gives some insights into how to do improvisations
and be able to make it like an INTRO to a song
or make it like great MOOD Music.

Starting with the well known
John Lennon song Imagine
(see video here above)


Work in Progress II, Intro, Verse, Chorus etc.

Thanks for reading
this blog today,

Today I attempted to create some structure to the
song, with an Intro, Chorus, Verse,

Writing it all down in one of my
practical Specially Designed

Special Purpose Notebooks

also added a new Verse to it, and additional
new Bridges.

At A Guide To Song Forms
you can discover some more info about Song Forms.

Also wrote down lyrics with their matching Chords, only somehow the lyrics still
don't seem to fit corectly, so I do believe
that it still needs some work,
as I said a Work in Progress.

Also the Base Music I started with might need
some Rythem and possibly something of
a Base Guitar Riff?


Work in Progress I, Chords & Lyrics

Hello Music Fan thanks for
checking out my blog today,

In a previous post I wrote about Harmony & Melody,
and for a Song I discovered that I already had something
of a 'Bridge-melody' to start my Refrain with.

To further construct it with a first Verse I wrote lyrics for.

I do believe that the Chords for the 'Bridge-melody' are
pretty clear already, and also for the verse I now
have some chords that seem to match with the lyrics.
(see: Providing Harmony Playing Chords)

Although it's still all a Work in Progress....,

Writing it all down in one of my
practical Specially Designed

Special Purpose Notebooks
A rough and smooth process at the same time,
because from out of the blue, I already do seem to have lyrics
for a second verse, only you never know if I will need
to put them in the waste basket as it might end up in as your can
read in a previous post on my writing blog
titeld: Writing For The Waste Basket

You can read more about
writing Inspiration
in a blog post on my Writing Blog

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